Witness the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse this January 2019

There’s a big announcement for all the stargazers out there! You are going to witness a lunar eclipse on Jan 20 night which will be continued till the early hours of Jan 21. While the scientists and other astrologers have already termed it the ‘super blood moon’. Is there any significance of this name?

Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

This lunar eclipse period would only last for an hour, and during this period the moon is supposed to turn all red with a slight increase in size than usual.

The Super Blood Wold Moon Eclipse – How NOT TO Miss It

Well, this magnificent moment would be clearly visible from all parts of North America, Greenlands, Iceland, parts of West Africa and Europe. The people residing in the eastern regions of Europe and Africa would be able to witness the partial eclipse. No parts of the Asian continent could witness it.

What’s the exact time of the lunar eclipse?

The lunar eclipse and supermoon will begin from Jan 20 11:41 pm EST to Jan 21 12:44 am EST. This would be the first ever lunar eclipse of 2019!

Why this term ‘super blood wolf moon’?

The name super blood is for the red hues that would be visible on the moon, giving it a super blood shade.

Whereas the wolf moon was coined by the Native Americans who used to call the full moon in January as the wolf moon. This is because, during the same time the wolves cry loudly living in the deep, cold forests of the midwinter.

Here, the earth will come in between the moon and the sun. As the moon falls right in the same line, the earth will block all the sunlight from reaching the moon. The only light which is refracted from the earth’s surface will be seen on the moon.

So, don’t forget about the Jan 20 Lunar Eclipse! The next eclipse would be on 26th May 2021.